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Rating Clinics

Rating training

Our rating clinic is either a half or full day, depending on the number of delegates and their previous experience.

Rating training to BS3375:

Using videos and lecture led guidance the rating clinic will:
Measure the engineers current rating accuracy, and gradually over the course of the clinic, improve this accuracy to BS3375 standard.The rating clinic will consist of delegates observing simple operations via video, of various operations being performed at varying levels on the BSI. Scale. The delegates will be expected to observe a series of 10 operations per exercise and to give their assessment of the rating for each operation. The results are then given at the end of each exercise, and the delegates will be shown how to calculate their score for each exercise, and shown how to adjust their ratings to fall within the acceptable limits of accuracy, before moving on to the next exercise.

Rating clinic allowable margins of error:

  • Concept of standard performance: +/- 5% from standard performance.
  • Concept of rate change (rating at low and high performances): 5 Flat to 5 Steep on rating graph.
  • Systematic error (average error for individual ratings): +/- 2%.
  • Mean deviation (rating drift): 0 to 5 points.

Successful delegates will be validated and certified until the expiry date.