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Work Study Training

Work study training course

Our full work study course can be tailored to suit your individual requirements and even adapted to use you companies products and/or environment for practical exercises. The following is our general work study synopsis:

The course below is heavily biased to practical training to give the delegates as much experience in work study as possible.
The delegates would follow the general synopsis as detailed on the
with the addition of the following:
  • The detailed calculation and analysis of contingency allowances.
  • Rated and un-rated activity sampling.
  • Multiple activity charts to show and analyse the relationship between multiple operators and multiple machines.
  • An introduction to PMTS. work measurement systems.
  • How to create and use data blocks and synthetic systems to generate time standards.
  • The calculation of individual, departmental and company wide efficiency levels.
  • Flow diagrams
  • The elimination of waste using work study.
  • Costing of layouts using PMTS. Techniques.
  • Line balancing to reduce bottlenecks.