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QTES. Training course

QTES. Quick time evaluation system. Developed as a time evaluation method by Tye Management Services Ltd. To allow non work study trained personnel to evaluate and issue time standards for a variety of operations.

The system is best used as an estimating tool to give time values to operations for cost estimating purposes or planning purposes and lends itself to pre production and set up of areas and those already producing, where a need to evaluate stage times is a priority before a full work measurement can take place.

The package is a synthetics based package and can be easily learnt and understood by all staff regardless of work study/industrial engineering experience.

The QTES. System looks at times for general tools and activities generally used in the modern workplace, but new specialised tools can be added if necessary.

We are currently working on a computerised version of QTES. That will further quicken the establishment of standard minute values.