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MOST & MTM Training

MOST. Training and MTM. Training courses

We can also arrange training in all of the popular PMTS. Systems. As with our other courses these can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.
MTM Methods time measurement:

  • MTM1: For very short cycle times.
  • MTM2: For short cycle times.
  • MTM3 & MTMX: For standard/general cycle time analysis.

MOST. Maynard operation sequenece technique:

  • MiniMOST. For short cycle work analysis.
  • BasicMOST: For general cycle time work analysis.
  • MaxiMOST: For longer cycle time analysis.
  • AdminMOST: For measurement of clerical functions.

The benefit of this type of PMTS. Training is that the systems are accurate, and eliminate the need for subjective rating methods. They also give a detailed method description and effectively analyse how efficient the current methods are. PMTS. Systems work on the recognised physical theory, that all work is simply the movement of objects. The time values are based on the distances and types of movement and the variable types of grasps and placements used.