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5s System Training

5s System Training

Benefits of a 5s System

The 5s System is the must have tool for the efficient facility, the core principle of the 5s system is to reduce waste, or put another way, to remove anything that does not add value.
Using the 5s system will create fewer defects, less waste, fewer delays, fewer injuries and fewer breakdowns. This translates into lower cost and higher quality. For the employees the 5s system will create a better working environment and will give them the oppurtunity to provide creative imput in how work is carried out and laid out. the workplace will be cleaner, safer and more efficient and jobs will be simpler and more fulfilling with many obstacles and frustrations removed.

Our 5s training courses are tailored to your exact requirements and can be split into short modules to suit the availabillity of staff. Please click the relevant box on the right for more detailed information.