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9 Main Areas of Waste

The 9 main areas of waste:

1. Over-production. Producing too many products or materials than are needed for an order, or producing components too early.

2. Over-processing. Work or procedures performed that add no value.

3. Defective products. Producing defective products that require re-work or scraping.

4. Transportation. Handling materials more than once, unnecessary moving or handling of parts or products, or moving parts or products individually when they could be moved more effectively in batches in containers or trolleys.

5. Inventory. Keeping too much raw material in stock, work in progress and excessive finished products in stock.

6. Waiting time. Employees waiting time, machines being idle or other time when no value is added to the product.

7. Motion. Movement of equipment or people that adds no value to the product.

8. Safety. Unsafe work areas and practices that result in lost work hours and added expenses.

9. Information. Out of date information on production procedures, costing, lead times etc. Instead of having currect and current data.