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5s Training Packages

We offer 5s Training on 4 levels (click the side bars for a brief synopsis for each level):

1. 5s Appreciation course

  •     Aimed as a brief introduction to the waste reduction techniques of the 5s system. For newcomers to the technique or for those thinking about starting a 5s implementation.
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2. 5s Employee/Team leader/Union representative course

  •     Aimed at the above positions to allow the employees the necessary tools to perform the 5s role at shop floor/office level. 

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3. 5s Implementation practitioner level course

  •     For the person(s) responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the 5s system. 

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4. 5s Company or department Champion level

  •     The person responsible for ensuring adherence to the 5s system and 'sustain' element. This would usually be a person from senior management. 

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