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Continuous Improvement Training

Continuous improvement training


Our continuous improvement course can be tailored to suit your individual requirements and even adapted to use you companies products and/or environment for practical exercises. The following is our general continuous improvement training synopsis:

The course below is heavily biased to practical training to give the delegates as much experience in method study as possible.
How to select the area best suited for the application of continuous improvement techniques:
  • Statistical random sampling
  • Statistical formulae and theory of operation
  • Making observations and who and what to record
  • Calculating statistical outcomes

The continuous improvement process and using CI. Tools to:
  • List and generate operational work instructions for standardisation, reference, detailed job instructions and training of future operators.
  • How to generate accurate standard measured times and other allowances to accurately measure current performance and highlight where waste is currently occuring and to show the time and cost implications of this waste. Using the standard measured values for costing, planning and efficiency calculation purposes.
  • Assessing current methods of operation versus new methodology to give a 'what if?' scenario and cost comparison of the two methods.
  • How to use standardised values to improve production flow.
  • How continuous improvement techniques should be applied to production or workplace areas.
  • Evaluating and improving cell layouts.
  • The implementation of line balancing to equally distribute workloads between production areas and stages to reduce bottleneck situations.

Using the supplied continuous improvement software to give:

  • Work instructions
  • Standard values
  • Method and waste analysis
  • Improvement tracking and cost benefits

The collation and calculation of individual operator, departmental and company wide efficiencies for:

  • Manning calculations
  • Cost analysis
  • Continual monitoring and improvement of the company

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